For Federations

KITRIS has developed a system for progressively managed federations. It provides persons responsible with a means of monitoring the tennis activities of promoted players, thus making federation managers obtain an objective view of their players' developments. 


Clear daily, weekly and monthly reports on the tennis activities and development of promoted players provide federation managers with an overview over the entire range of activities and the players' progress.  


The data tracker worn on the striking arm automatically records information on strikes and information on time. As soon as the data has been uploaded to the cloud for analysis, all persons involved will know when, how long for and how intensively the player has trained, and how successfully he played his matches.



Thanks to the data tracker and the statistics resulting thereof, federation managers will always have a facts-based foundation for decisions. 

KITRIS analysis tool

The KITRIS analysis tool facilitates sensible and clear comparisons of the various data recorded by the data tracker. This way, developmental tendencies can be detected quickly and discussed objectively.


Futhering players who have potential

KITRIS supports federation managers to take the right decisions when it comes to talent promotion. The integration of statistical facts facilitates facts-based discussions about the players.

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