For Academies

KITRIS has developed a system for modern tennis schools and academies that gets coaches, players and parents together by means of a platform, and unites fun and professionalism.


A smart and interactive monitor offers a modern platform for presentation - a marketing tool per se for players, coaches, news and advertising partners. 

KITRIS Touchpoint

Using the KITRIS Touchpoint, players and coaches can be introduced, current news published and advertising partners  presented. A dynamic interface ensures up-to-date information at all times. 


The KITRIS data tracker gathers data recorded in training sessions and matches. This way, coaches will always have an overview over the tennis actvities of their players. 

KITRIS analyses & reports

The cloud-based analysis tool by KITRIS helps coaches to maintain an overview over the tennis activities of their players. Thanks to the comparisons of players and groups, interesting match analyses, individual objectives and the opportunity of pinning down developmental tendencies, coaches and persons responsible always have current information about their players' progress. 

Transparent, goal-oriented, satisfied

The KITRIS system results in greater transparency between coaches, players and parents, which creates a basis for goal-oriented work and enhanced satisfaction of everyone involved. 

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