Sports in general

The term sport covers various forms of movement, play and competition, most of which are related to human physical activity.

Sport can be practised once a week as a mass sport just as well as several times a week as a competitive sport or daily as a professional sport.

The objectives and motivations for practicing a sport are therefore broadly diversified.


Common to all sports and people practicing a sport is that an ideal way of performing a sport in terms of technique, tactics, physique and mental attitude creates greater success.

Common to all sports is also the fact that almost every athlete in almost every sport has to deal with a coach in one phase or another who helps him/her learn the sport.

A video assistant for everybody

We want to help athletes as well as coaches by providing them with an assistant who takes care of the video analysis.

Suitability for video analyses

Not every sport and situation is equally suited for video analyses. We have therefore created an overview of the suitability for various individual sports as well as team sports.

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