Video features

We have a restrictive attitude towards video features and always weigh the benefits of a feature against the ease of use.

We therefore only incorporate features into our feature list that our customers and our team consider relevant.

Permanent recording

Video recordings lasting several hours are possible without any problems. This makes the recordings more authentic (no actor effect) compared to short video recordings, which influence athletes’ actions.

Video replay directly on the training ground

The desired sequences can be viewed again directly on the training ground. The video recording is not interrupted.

Marking of important moments

Important moments can be marked in time during live operation so that they can be viewed again later.

Video control functions

Functions such as slow motion, still image and zoom are available to create perfect analyses.

Remote control

The software can be operated by remote control from a distance of up to 30 metres.

Retraceable any time

Video recordings can be saved locally and replayed at any time later whenever you wish.

Delay function

A time delay function for playback of the live image can be selected.

Offline mode

The Video Assistant can be used for several days without requiring any internet connection.

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