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Our Video Assistant (VA) solution consists of several components.

VA Software

Video analysis software with many features for Windows computers.

VA Caddy – Wireless camera

Transmitter box with integrated battery, transmitter and camera.Battery life during operation: at least 8 hours. Easy to set up or hang up in almost any situation.
Receiver box with integrated battery, receiver. Connects to computer via a USB cable. USB 3 is required.

VA Box – terminal

Terminal unit with computer and 27'' touch screen. Lockable on the back. Front side fold-out side panels and top cover. External power connection and various USB ports.

Easy to set up or hang up in almost any situation.

VA Power – mobile power supply

To allow for maximum flexibility and mobility, we rely on both commercially available battery solutions and our own products.

VA Trolley - trolley unit

Trolley unit for hanging the VA Box and carrying the VA Power unit.

Quick to set up and move, very robust.

Single components

Depending on your needs and situation, it is also possible to combine commercially available computers, touchscreens, suspension devices and cameras to create a perfect solution for you.

Tennis specific products

Please visit the Tennis section of this website to find solutions specifically designed for tennis such as match tracking apps, camera mounts and more.

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