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Frequently asked questions and the appropriate answers.

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What is the KITRIS Video Assistant?

The KVA is a software for video recording and playback.

Key moments can be easily captured and played back as replays.

All video recordings can be uploaded to a personal account on the KITRIS Cloud.

The KITRIS Video Assistant is primarily aimed at athletes, coaches, academies, clubs, sports facilities and organizers.

Which are the components of the KITRIS Video Assistant?

Software: In-house development and the heart of the product

Camera: IP* or USB camera

Computer: Windows operating system

*When using an IP camera, a network switch is also required.

What are the strengths?

Easy to use (usability)

Capturing all important situations by simply marking the key moments

Immediate video analysis directly on the spot

Upload the recording or only the highlights to a personal account on the KITRIS Cloud

Display of advertisement videos of the sports facility

Multiple use of the infrastructure (screen) by presenting tailor-made content (advertising and information)

Simple configuration to the needs of a customer

Which operating system does the software run on?

Die Software läuft ausschliesslich auf einem Windows Betriebssystem (Windows 10). Bei älteren Windows Versionen kann nicht gewährleistet werden, dass die Software einwandfrei funktioniert.

Will the software run on my Mac?

The software is NOT compatible with macOS.

Recommended: However, the software Boot Camp offers the possibility to install Windows on a Mac computer equipped with Intel processors besides macOS. This does not affect the performance of the computer.

Not recommended: Parallels Desktop software provides another way to install Windows on a Mac computer. However, this may cause the computer to slow down.

For more information about Boot Camp or Parallels Desktop, we recommend going directly to Apple's website.

Technical Support for Mac Users: Please feel free to contact us if you have any technical questions regarding the software and Mac. We will try to help you.

Will the software run on my tablet (e.g. iPad)?

No, the software is not compatible with iOS or Android.

What are the requirements for my computer?

Working with videos basically requires a rather powerful computer. If you use an IP camera, the requirements are less than if you use a USB camera.

To find out if your computer is powerful enough, it's best to order the software for a 14-day free trial.

For more information on recommended computer specifications, please refer to the document 'System Requirements'.

Which cameras are supported?

The software supports various cameras and formats. Depending on your needs and use case, USB cameras can be used in the same way as IP cameras, for example.

IP cameras have advantages especially for fixed installations. For information on using an IP camera, please refer to the document 'IP Camera Configuration'.

USB cameras are less expensive and have advantages for mobile needs. Thanks to the Plug&Play principle, a USB camera can be used immediately.

Who is the KITRIS Video Assistant designed for?

The target group includes athletes, coaches, academies, clubs, sports facilities and organizers. 

The software can be used for all sports. Its application is particularly suitable where the focus is on capturing key moments and their immediate or subsequent analysis. 

Thanks to the personal account on the KITRIS Cloud, all videos can be stored securely and watched again at any time. In addition, you can use the VA Cloud to share your videos, download them locally or create snapshots.

Can I test the software for free?

Sure. Just click here and fill out the web form.

Who can help me if I have questions about the software?

We are here for you with pleasure. The best way is to write to us at srvcktrsch

What is the KITRIS Cloud?

The KITRIS Cloud (also known as VA Cloud) is your personal and secure storage location for all your videos.

Through the VA Cloud, you can access all your videos anytime and from anywhere. You can also use the VA Cloud to share your videos, download them locally or create snapshots.

You can login to the KITRIS Cloud via

Here you get a first impression of the Cloud solution: mykitris Demo

Where will my videos be stored?

All your videos will be stored on your personal account on the KITRIS Could. For further information about the KITRIS Cloud, please see 'What is the KITRIS Cloud?'.

Can I use my videos for social media?

Absolutely. Simply download your video from the KITRIS Cloud locally, edit it as needed and post it e.g. on Instagram.

Important: Please note our privacy policy as well as that of the provider on whose platform you post a video.

Who can access my videos?

Access to your account is protected by username and password. If you share a video, no one will have access to your account. If you transfer a video to a friend's account, the target person gets full access to the video, but not to your account.

What are the differences between the KITRIS Video Assistant and other products?

This depends mainly on which product our solution is compared with.

We address a broader target group (from the sports facility to the athlete) and offer less expensive and faster video feedback options.

We allow more flexibility in the technical implementation of the individual solution.

The application is more intuitive than others and, above all, it can be operated completely via touch.

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