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What is the KITRIS Video Assistant?

The KITRIS Video Assistant is a video analysis and streaming software developed for use in sports and coaching, which stands out for its simplicity and intuitive touch operation. The software can be adapted very quickly to individual needs. The hardware has a modular structure and can be easily extended.

How it works

A camera, a computer with a screen and the Video Assistant software, and the simplest and most attractive video feedback and video analysis solution is ready to use.

The video images from the camera are displayed in real time and can be analyzed at any time without interrupting the recording. The recordings can even be simultaneously streamed live on the Internet.


Basic solution

KITRIS Video Assistant - Basic Setup

The simplest and most common setup is to run the software on a Windows computer with a built-in or external screen. This is connected to a camera. For USB cameras directly, for IP cameras via a switch. In the majority of cases the IP camera is the appropriate solution.

Affordable solution for several playing fields

KITRIS Video Assistant -  für 2 Spielfelder

One or more IP cameras per sports field are connected to the output unit via a switch.

The output unit (computer and screen) is placed between two sports fields, either at the head of the field or with a rotating screen between the fields. 

Alternatively, a mobile output unit (e.g. laptop) is also possible, which is integrated wirelessly or via cable into the system. 

Multifunctional individual solution

KITRIS Video Assistant - multifunctional solution

In this approach, in addition to the output units on the sports fields, further output units outside the sports field are used. This is particularly suitable for parents of juniors at indoor sports events with poor visibility on the sports field. It is also the ideal solution for competition supervisors or heads of sports academies who want to keep an overview.

Features (extract)


The software has an integrated streaming function. One click is all it takes to stream your event live to the Internet.

Recording, analysing and live streaming all work simultaneously. 


Outdoor suitability

Thanks to the attractive weatherproof outdoor solution, the Video Assistant can be used outdoors without any concerns.

Touch control

The application is completely optimized for touch and is therefore easy to use even on a playing field.

Zoom & Move

Select the desired image section quickly and easily.

Analysis while recording

While selected scenes are analyzed, the recording of the video continues.

Online / Offline

The software can be operated both online and offline.

In offline mode, those services that require Internet access are not available.


Time shifted playback

In delayed mode, the recording is played back delayed in relation to the recorded action. 

The duration of the delay can be freely chosen.

Buzzer control

Highlights can be marked immediately with the buzzer.


Remote control of the software

Certain features of the software can be operated remotely using a standard Logitech presenter.

This makes it easy to capture highlights from a distance.

Logitech Presentation Remote Control

Highlights immediately to the cloud 

Individual highlights can be uploaded to the personal account of the KITRIS Cloud during the video recording.

Attractive Cloud Player

The cloud player offers a variety of cool features such as zoom, move image section or change playing speed.

Try it out!

Versatile Cloud Features

Features on the VA Cloud:

- Share videos with friends
- Move videos to another account
- Create Snapshots
- Download videos locally
- Delete Video

Try it out!

Individual Cloud Advertisement

Thanks to the individual and customized advertisement before each video, freely chosen messages can be placed. 

Advertisement and information module

The software supports the integration of individual advertisement content. 

Thus, a screen can be used multifunctional.

Customized configuration

In the settings, the software can be configured according to individual needs.

Administrator and public mode

The software can be run in administrator or public mode. 

The functions in public mode are reduced, which makes it particularly suitable for use in public areas.

Administrator vs public mode

Portrait Screen orientation

The software supports both landscape and portrait orientation of the screen. 

Thus, even portrait-oriented sports such as climbing or trampoline jumping can be recorded and played back in a meaningful way.

Languages EN FR IT DE

The software supports the languages German, English, French and Italian.

Online help

For questions about the software, the online help is always available.

Prices for subscriptions

The subscriptions are customized to the different needs of the target groups. The standard subscription is suitable, for example, for coaches, clubs and smaller schools with a limited number of athletes. 

The pro subscriptions are aimed at sports facilities and sports hotels, for example, who want to combine a video feedback solution with commercial advertisement and information options. 


STANDARD - CHF 75 p.m.

All functions except " Advertisement and Information Module" and "Live Streaming".

120 cloud users p.y.*

PRO -  CHF 100 p.m.

All functions except "Live Streaming".

240 cloud users p.y.*

PRO LIVE - CHF 125 p.m.

All features.

360 cloud users p.y.*

Installations and users


A software subscription allows the installation and operation on one computer.  

Users of the software

The software can be run in administrator or public mode. In public mode the number of users is not limited. 

*Cloud users

Cloud users are people with their own video cloud account. The account is created directly from the software the first time a video is uploaded. 
The number, size and storage duration of videos per cloud user can be limited.


Invoicing is usually done for 12 months in advance.

Prices Hardware

The required hardware can be provided by yourself and installed very easily. We will be happy to advise you on the right components. On request and depending on your location (country) we can also supply the ideal material and, if desired, carry out the installation and commissioning on site.

The total, one-off acquisition costs range from CHF 1,500 to CHF 4,000.


IP camera
CHF 500 to 1,000

Suitable IP camera depending on functions and quality incl. switch and cable

PTZ dome cameras
from approx. CHF 1'000

Windows PC
approx. CHF 500 to CHF 1,500

Suitable system depending on the desired performance values.

Touch Monitor
CHF 500 to CHF 1,500

Suitable monitors depending on size, brightness and resolution incl. wall mounting bracket

Video Assistant Mobile

The Video Assisant Mobile (VAM) is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to be extremely flexible and mobile.

The VAM is operated with our software and can be combined with fixed installed cameras as desired. 

More information:

Download sales documentation

Technical requirements

General information

For video software, the principle is "The better the hardware, the better the user experience and the more options available".

If you meet one of the following requirements, you should be using a good system (see Recommended System Requirements)

- USB camera (because of live encoding)
- Screen with resolution 1920 x 1080 or higher
- Audio support
- Framerate as of 25 images

Operating system
PC with current Windows 10

Processor Desktop
≥ 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7

≥ Intel® HD Graphics 610

≥ 8 GB RAM

≥ 256GB internal SSD


IP Camera
Various models and brands are supported. Our software is optimized for the use of Dahua IP cameras.

USB-Camera (external)
HD Webcams: e.g. Logitech C922, MS Lifecam

The proof of the pudding is in the eating

Take advantage of the opportunity for free testing, even if your system does not correspond to the recommendations. However, when testing, be aware that insufficient hardware can have a negative impact on your experience and make certain functions impossible.

Do you have an IP camera, but you are not familiar with the network connection? Then please contact us. We will gladly try to support you with the configuration. Please contact us at

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