How it came about

The story begins back in 2003. While Roger Federer set off to conquer and influence the professional tennis world for years to come, Christian Züger, founder of KITRIS AG and today’s CEO, and his wife were travelling across Europe with a VW bus during their sabbatical.

Coming back home with a vast number of impressions, he also had the idea to long-lastingly influence the tennis world with a unique innovative system. Finland, the birthplace of the mobile heart rate measurement (Polar), inspired him with the idea of a portable measuring device, from Spain, he got the enthusiasm for tennis as a sport, from France the power of innovation, from England, the understanding for the tradition of tennis, and from Germany the will to fight for a vision. Finally settling together with his wife and a Portugese Labrador female at the foot of Mount Bachtel in the uplands of Zurich, Christian and his dog set out on innumerable walks in the early morning hours, spending time in nature’s clam and allowing an idea become a vision. After feasibility studies, first tests with prototypes and a lot of mental work, Christian registered his patent in 2007, at a time the iPhone was presented. In 2010, the foundation of his company together with private investors took place. Since then, his team and the investor family have continuously increased in number and Christian’s idea has become a reality.  

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