For Coaches

KITRIS  has developed a system for professionally working coaches which helps them in their daily work on and off the court. 


Analyse the techniques and the tactical behaviour of you players easily and comfortably on the monitor - right on the tennis court. This way, your players will undertand more easily what you want to get across and will thus learn more quickly. 

KITRIS Video Assistant

Using the KITRIS Video Assistant, you can film complete training sessions and look at selected sequences again with your players.

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Thanks to the KITRIS match tracking solutions - the Smartphone App or the specific data tracker - you will get comprehensive statistics about your players' matches. Additional video pictures will provide you with an in-depth impression of the match. 

KITRIS Video Insight

Using the KITRIS Video Insight, video and match data can be fully synchronized with each other. As a result, specific match situations can be look at again on video.

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Efficient and successful

The daily work of a modern tennis coach is versatile and demanding. Expectations to be met by himself and his players are high. Thanks to video, data and additional auxiliary tennis solutions by KITRIS, a coach is supported in his core competences and can make goal-oriented use of his resources.

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